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National Senior Citizens Day: How to Celebrate Safely

August 21st is National Senior Citizens Day, one of the best days of the year (in our opinion). Celebrating this happy occasion with your loved ones is a great way to acknowledge all their incredible contributions to your life.

In Korea, 60th and 70th birthdays are heralded as major life milestones, so much so that they warrant extra-special celebrations. In Japan, Respect for the Aged Day pays honor to the elderly throughout the country.

Here in the United States, National Senior Citizens Day is our opportunity to remind seniors how wonderful they truly are.

What is National Senior Citizens Day?

National Senior Citizens Day is a nationwide celebration honoring older adults. It was founded by former president Ronald Reagan who signed Proclamation 5847 in 1988 and declared August 21st a day to honor senior citizens and all they’ve contributed to society.

The United States is home to over 54 million adults aged 65 years and older, in other words, 16.5% of the U.S. population. That figure is expected to reach 78 million by 2035, making seniors more prevalent than children under 18 for the first time in American history.

Why is National Senior Citizens Day Relevant?

People often overlook how much seniors have contributed to our current societies, particularly when we recognize the world they grew up in looked much different than the world we know today.

While many inequalities still exist throughout the United States, we have so much more than our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents did. Though some of us wish we had specific opportunities from ‘the olden days,’ we also enjoy modern luxuries and conveniences that wouldn’t be here without the older generation.

National Senior Citizens Day is important because it reminds us how fortunate we are and encourages everyone to express their gratitude to the seniors in their lives. More importantly, it allows seniors to feel seen, validated, and respected in a fast-paced society that often leaves them feeling overlooked and forgotten.

Ways to Safety Celebrate Senior Citizens Day

Senior safety is still a significant concern despite loosened mask mandates and COVID-19 restrictions in 2022. To ensure that you and your loved one have a fantastic day together while maintaining their health and safety, here are our top safe celebration ideas to consider.

Interview Your Loved One

Senior citizens are our windows into the past. The stories they tell from childhood memories are filled with knowledge and unique experiences from which we can all learn something. Try interviewing your loved one over a video call and jot down some of their best stories.

Children and grandchildren will especially appreciate being able to look back and hear about what life was like long before they were born.

Cook Family Recipes Together

Your family likely has special meals that they serve on particular occasions. Ask your loved one about some of their parents’ and grandparents’ traditional recipes, and head into the kitchen to recreate them.

We encourage writing down all the recipes to carry on the tradition and to take photos of the dishes as keepsakes. Organizing them into a family recipe book or digital archive can be a fun project to do with your loved one.

Create Care Packages for Nursing Homes

Many nursing homes have seniors living in relative isolation as they no longer have friends or family – but you can make a difference. Along with your loved one, create some care packages with comforting items, some board games or puzzle books, and an uplifting letter expressing gratitude and wishing them a happy National Senior Citizens Day.

If the nursing home allows you to do so, you can even visit in person and hand out the packages to residents who do not receive frequent visitors. Spending an afternoon together is sure to brighten their day.

If you know plenty of seniors who adore four-legged friends, consider hiring a therapy dog to visit the nursing home for the day so that all seniors can enjoy the company and comfort of a trained, loving canine.

Take Your Loved One Somewhere They Can Enjoy a Senior Discount

Many senior discounts are available, from ice cream shops and restaurants to major retailers. This list of senior discounts in 2022 offers a comprehensive collection of savings deals your loved one might enjoy.

Do a Fun Project Together

Head over to your local crafts store and purchase some canvases and paints. Spend a wonderful afternoon painting alongside your parent or grandparent. You can even decide to paint an image inspired by one another and enjoy revealing your final masterpieces to one another at the end of your art session.

Take Family Photos

Although we live in a digital-driven age where people are constantly taking photos, many forget to slow down and truly capture what matters in life. Use National Senior Citizens Day as the perfect opportunity to gather your loved ones and take some memento images with your senior relatives.

You could also treat your loved one to a treat at the salon or barber’s shop beforehand, so they can get some pampering and feel their best for the photoshoot. If these locations are unsafe for them due to a lack of covid restrictions, you can purchase some affordable body lotion and styling products for them to enjoy at home.

Every Day is Dedicated to Seniors at Reflections Management and Care

Considering some extra care for your aging loved one? We celebrate seniors every day through our compassionate and personalized homecare services. Contact us today to learn more about the different services we provide and how they can be tailored to meet your family’s needs.

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