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Why should I hire a Geriatric Care Manager?

Geriatric Care Managers reduce family burdens, facilitate communication and assist with finding cost-effective services. A care manager gives personalized compassionate advice, advocating for the individual’s wants and needs. They are experts in dealing with the continually changing challenges of aging. They assist with your care plan, medical oversight, family communication, and education.

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How does the service work?

As a general rule, a geriatric care manager begins by doing an assessment. This involves meeting with the client over the course of a visit or two to the home. They discuss the client’s priorities and values, any concerns they might have, and what activities and interests are most important to them.

Over the course of the visit, the geriatric care manager will observe physical and mental capabilities. The assessment is as much about identifying strengths as it is about addressing problems, since building on existing strengths is key to promoting independence and quality of life.

Other assessments may include a review of the home for safety hazards and a review of insurance and financial resources. This will help the client and family maximize the use of any social service programs that may be available.

Following the visit, an individualized care plan will be recommended. The client and family then have the option to proceed with this plan independently or retain the services of the geriatric care manager to assist with the plan’s implementation.

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Will my insurance cover these services?

Some long-term care insurance policies will cover the costs of care management. We can help you determine if there are other options, such as Veterans Aid and Attendance, to help defray the out-of-pocket expense.

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Can a Geriatric Care Manager save you money?

Absolutely, along with time and headaches. With effective planning, monitoring, and prevention, we can help you avoid expensive and painful crises such, as a fall or hospitalization. We have a knowledge of community resources and eligibility requirements that allow you and your loved one to avail yourselves of existing free or low-cost services that may mean the difference between staying at home or having to move to an expensive facility.

We also have a thorough understanding of Medicare, Medicaid, and long-term care insurance. This ensures that the proper billing occurs and that all covered medical, hospital, and facility expenses are paid to the fullest extent allowable. Our extensive experience working with seniors and their families helps you avoid common and emotionally/financially costly mistakes.

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What if my family member resists care?

Some elders resist geriatric care for fear of losing control over their lives. They cherish the independence they have enjoyed and see the idea of geriatric care services as an intrusion rather than a help. Our Professional Geriatric Care Managers can meet with you and your elder family member to discuss how care services can make things easier, safer, and less stressful for the elder, rather than being viewed as a loss of their personal freedom.

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Are you able to care for someone living in a retirement community.

Families are often concerned about loved ones who reside in assisted living or skilled nursing settings and want to add to their quality of life. They will enlist our services in finding a “friendly visitor/companion” who can add meaning and pleasure as well as advocacy to the client’s life. This is frequently requested by busy professionals, families that live at a distance, or families traveling who need oversight when they are away, as well as those who just want a mom or dad to have a higher quality of life.

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