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Recognizing MedicAlert Awareness Month with Electronic Caregiver

It’s MedicAlert Awareness Month, and at Reflections Management and Care, we care about your elderly loved one like we care about our own family! We’re here to provide resources and information about options for various methods of safe-keeping. We tailor and customize your senior healthcare to suit exactly what your loved one and your family needs.

MedicAlert services can be incredibly important to help seniors maintain independent living while giving their loved ones peace of mind. During MedicAlert awareness month, we want to highlight the revolutionary care MedicAlert, and now, Electronic Caregiver, provided for seniors at a time when they needed it most.

History of MedicAlert

The MedicAlert Foundation was created in 1956 and is recognized as the first national medical ID system in America. It was founded by Dr. Marion Collins and his wife after an unfortunate incident in which their daughter went into anaphylactic shock and nearly died after receiving medication she was allergic to. Dr. and Mrs. Collins knew the importance of being able to share medical information such as chronic illnesses, diseases, and allergies to medical professionals easily.

At first, they tied a bracelet with medical information to her wrist, but after she went to college, Dr. Collins had a silver bracelet made with her medical information on it. This bracelet gained popularity over the years and others also found it to be a need to share medical information in an emergency.

Over the years, the MedicAlert Foundation grew more prominent, and medical information was digitized and stored. What hasn’t changed is the 24/7 toll-free call-center staff who relay the medical information to the first responders on the scene. This was once Dr. and Marion Collins in their living room providing information to people who called the number found on the bracelets.

MedicAlert and medical ID information has saved thousands of lives and become a standard for people with severe illnesses or allergies. It especially comes in handy as people age and have more medical issues to share with medical professionals in the event of an emergency.

Evolution of MedicAlert: Electronic Caregiver

In the 21st century, technology has revolutionized every aspect of our lives, including senior home healthcare.

At Reflections Management and Care, we are proud to offer our Electronic Caregiver services – the ideal way to give the senior loved one in your life their independence while maintaining your peace of mind. Know your elderly loved one is cared for with round-the-clock emergency professionals available on-call at any time. 

With Electronic Caregiver senior home healthcare, allow your loved one the ability to stay in the comfort of their own home. Meanwhile, you’ll know that with the press of a button, they can contact a medical professional at any time.

We offer two different options for Electronic Caregiver services, the Premier Series and the ECG Pro Health.

Premier Series

The Electronic Caregiver Premier is a pocket smart health device with emergency wrist pendant. This includes one-touch telehealth and interactive care support. This device uses both GPS and CBS to locate the user’s location with 24/7 response and automatic health surveys.

The sensitive microphones give operators the ability to hear users from anywhere that their mobile device is, whether at home or on the go. This device is the ultimate in electronic home healthcare for seniors. With consistent health monitoring and easy-to-use functionality, this could save the life of a loved one and help them live a happier and longer life.

ECG Pro Health

ECG Pro Health makes managing your health easy. This device provides 24/7 clinical care support and includes in-depth analytics with trend monitoring. This means that illnesses and diseases can be detected early and with data to support it.

Enjoy 24/7 emergency response and medication reminders. Your loved one will feel cared for and constantly protected with Electronic Caregiver services.

Choosing the Electronic Caregiver That’s Right for You

Here at Reflections Management and Care, we are here to help you along every step of the way. We understand that making decisions about your elderly parent or loved one’s health can be chaotic and confusing at best.

Contact us to discuss what kind of senior healthcare your loved one needs, and let us help you navigate through the maze of doctors, healthcare professionals, and the endless options for care. Our professional team has years of expertise in senior health services.

With Electronic Caregiver senior healthcare, clients are provided with 24/7 round-the-clock emergency services, including alerts and personalized care from professionals. Make the right decision today to help your elderly loved one live a happier and longer life with 24/7 support and care assistance.

Don’t leave your loved one’s health to chance and invest in your family’s future with Electronic Caregiver. 

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