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4 Fun Ideas for Keeping Seniors Active on Go For a Ride Day

Get up and get out! That’s what Go For a Ride Day is all about. Celebrated on November 22, Go For a Ride Day urges you to indulge your wanderlust using whichever mode of transportation you want. It is the perfect day to head out to that place you’ve always wanted to visit.

It is also the perfect day to get your elderly parents outside and active. Our lives can get so busy, and it can be easy to forget that our elderly loved ones are often stuck at home or in a care facility. Keeping seniors active is an essential part of their well-being and plan for aging well.

Why It’s Important to Get Seniors Outside

There’s nothing like getting outside after being stuck indoors. Research shows that those confined in their homes are more likely to develop mental illnesses like depression and anxiety.

Research conducted by Dr. Jeremy Jacobs and his colleagues from the Hadassah Hebrew University Medical Center showed that staying indoors is linked to greater death risk.

Going outside also provides seniors with more opportunities for social interactions. Spending more time outside can lead to lower levels of stress and improved mental and physical health. Not only that, but you can even live longer.

Go For a Ride Day – What You Can Do

Go For a Ride Day is more than just a single day to get outside and explore. Think of it as a starting point: the day to finally begin that exercise routine with your mom or dad, or to start biking a new course. Don’t let it just be a one-off day of keeping seniors active. Make it a regular activity!

Here are some ways you can go for a ride with the seniors in your life:

1. Cycling

If your loved one feels safe and is able to go cycling, it can be a great way to get outdoors while also enjoying some exercise.

Cycling has some seriously great benefits. According to Cyclingity:

  • It is a low impact way of getting exercise.
  • It’s great for your heart. It keeps chronic ailments like stroke, heart disease, and heart attacks at bay by increasing your heart’s capacity.
  • It can be an excellent way to increase your memory.

And of course, cycling is a fun way to get outside and get active.

2. Roller Skating

It’s never too late to lace up and skate. Whether it’s around the block or your favorite roller rink, roller skating is a fun way to stay active.

It can even help strengthen your bones and is an excellent way to get your daily cardio exercise in. Even if you aren’t in the best shape, roller skating can help boost your metabolism, improve muscle tone, and get you on the right track.

If your loved one feels safe doing so and has some experience, consider taking them out for a day of roller skating.

3. Hiking

There are countless beautiful, scenic locations all around us. Some places require a hike to get to, and Go For A Ride Day may just be the excuse you needed to check it out.

Or, perhaps it’s time to try out a new trail. Hiking has various benefits when keeping seniors active, as Hearthstone Senior Living notes. Some of the benefits include:

  • Improved circulation
  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • Reduced arthritis, joint, and knee pain
  • Increased bone density
  • Increased muscle strength
  • Improved mental health
  • Increased cognitive function
  • Improved memory
  • Improved reaction time

4. Visit A Park, Zoo, Museum, or Other Attraction

Hop in the car and take a short trip if it’s safe to do so. If your family member is a lover of history, consider taking them to the museum. If they have always loved nature, perhaps going to a new park or the zoo would be exciting for them.

There are many ways to keep seniors active in their communities, and seeing what’s just a short drive away is an excellent place to start.

Get Going on Go For a Ride Day

Here at Reflections Management and Care, we excel in all aspects of senior health care, regardless of whether it is in-home or in-patient. We are aging life care specialists, and we care about your elderly loved ones and keeping seniors active. It can be stressful figuring out what activity is best for them and their individual needs.

We’re here to help you figure out suitable options for your aging parents so they can live their best life. Give us a call or contact us to start a conversation, and find out what exercise may be best for your loved ones to be active daily. 

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