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5 Ways to Celebrate Your Seniors for National Celebration of Life Day

We have so many American days for celebration, but what about the celebration of life? There are very few instances where we remember how precious, fragile, and fortunate we are to be able to experience the world and all of its wonders. January 22nd, also known as National Celebration of Life Day, honors not only the children and grandchildren that have blessed us with their lives but the senior citizens as well.

Our grandparents, parents, and all of the other 40.3 million senior citizens in America deserve to know that our nation appreciates them with all of their experience, wisdom, knowledge, and most of all — they deserve to know we love them for taking care of us throughout our lives. 

Below are 5 ways to celebrate seniors’ lives during this holiday, and to show them that you want them to have the best quality of life possible during their golden years. 

1. Set Time Aside to Spend Time with an Elderly Loved One 

It seems obvious, doesn’t it? You’d be surprised how overlooked this notion is. As adults, we get so wrapped up in the bustle and business of our daily lives, we sometimes forget to spend quality time with our elderly loved ones.

Maybe they live out of state, but paying visits to your senior family and loved ones is essential for their physical and emotional well-being. Isolation has been proven to increase dementia and cognitive decline among the elderly, so take this day to set aside some time and give them a visit. You can even make it a surprise! It will make their day.

2. Organize a Family History Project 

We’re willing to bet that your senior family members hold a LOT of internal knowledge about the backstory in your family history. You could start a project and tap into that knowledge! You might even learn something about yourself along the way. 

You can interview them and go through old family photos for more backstory on them. Chances are they’ll be more than happy to share your family history with you so that you can pass it on to the next generations whenever you’re the senior 

3. Throw Them a Party! 

What better way to show your love and appreciation for an elderly loved one than to make an afternoon solely dedicated to them! Few things in life make a person feel more valued than throwing them a party. 

You can even make it about several of your elderly loved ones at once! Cook their favorite meals or bake them something they love — just make the day focused on them. It doesn’t have to be a party if they’re not into that, either. You can take them to their favorite restaurant or host a brunch if that’s more to everyone’s liking. 

4. Start a Community Volunteer Project

There are so many things you can do to help the senior citizens around you. Unfortunately, as we age our physical ability to do tasks diminishes with time. Certain tasks that seemed oh so simple years ago can be trying, exhausting, and potentially dangerous. That means there is no shortage of things you can volunteer to do to help the senior community. 

It could be grocery shopping for them, or running out to have their medications refilled. It could be cooking them meals they have a hard time preparing themselves. Get creative with it! If you don’t want to organize the project yourself, there are generally several events in your local area that are already going on. See if they need any help!

5. Get Them Geriatric Care 

Sometimes, the most caring thing you can do for an elderly loved one is getting them the senior care they need. Simply being there for them and valuing their time may not be enough to meet their needs, and celebrating their life means they should have the best senior services available. Use this day to reach out to Reflections Management and Care so we can get you set up with a geriatric care manager. From there we can provide: 

  • Geriatric Assessments – These are detailed, written reports that assess a client’s physical, mental, and psychosocial status. The assessment is a valuable tool for family members or a client for coordinating care and ensuring they remain as safe and independent as possible in the desired setting.
  • Care Management – We take a very personalized approach to care management, offering many different levels of care depending on our client’s needs. We your elderly loved ones to have as much independence as possible, while improving their health, reducing hospital visits, and increasing their activity levels and engagement. 
  • Patient Review Instrument (PRI) and Screen – The Patient Review Instrument (PRI) and Screen is an assessment tool used to determine the cognitive and physical skill levels of a person. 
  • Relocation Management – We offer this service to seniors who are thinking about relocating. Our expert geriatric care manager will provide and coordinate proper assessments for a higher level of care.
  • Counseling – Our counselors provide treatment for mental health issues that impact a senior’s quality of life.  
  • Medication Management – A licensed RN arranges for prescribed medication as ordered by the client’s physicians while moving toward the goal of achieving safe self-administration. 
  • Financial Management – We can assist our clients in making sure all of their bills are paid promptly, giving them the freedom to enjoy their lives without the stress of payment juggling. 

We’re Here to Help

Here at Reflections Management and Care, we truly value the life of every senior citizen, regardless of what day it is. Getting old is difficult for everyone and making your senior loved ones know their lives are valued is so important for them to remain happy, and healthy. So, throw them a party for Nation Celebration of Life Day; spend time with them. 

If you believe your elderly loved one may need professional geriatric care,  reach out to us.

You can also see more about our services here.

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