Recreation Program

Enriching Lives Through Active Engagement

Finding Old Passions, Creating New Joys

At Reflections, we understand how life’s circumstances can sometimes push our hobbies and passions to the backburner. This understanding led to the creation of our innovative Recreation Program. By helping clients revisit activities they once cherished, we offer a comforting blend of familiarity and novelty right within their homes. Not only do we aim to reconnect clients with their past passions, but we also strive to introduce them to new hobbies that can enhance cognitive, mental, and physical health.

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The Impact of Recreation

The benefits of participating in our Recreation Program extend beyond the simple pleasure of pastime. Here’s how you or your loved one can benefit:

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Cognitive Function

Engaging in favorite hobbies or discovering new ones stimulates the mind and can improve memory and concentration

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Improved Mental Health

Activities that were once sources of joy can alleviate feelings of stress, loneliness, or boredom.


Physical Wellbeing

Depending on the activity, hobbies can also offer mild physical exercise, enhancing overall health.

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Purpose and Engagement

Regular participation in enjoyable activities can create a sense of purpose and promote social engagement.

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Personalized Approach

We craft a recreation plan uniquely suited to your loved one’s preferences and capabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions, answered.

How will you know which activities are right for my loved one?

Our approach is centered around our clients. We’ll spend time understanding their past hobbies, current interests, and physical capabilities to tailor a recreation plan that fits their needs and preferences.

Can family members be involved in this program?

Family involvement is always welcomed and encouraged. Engaging in shared activities can foster closer relationships and create memorable experiences.

Is this program suitable for seniors with mobility issues or other health conditions?

Yes, our Recreation Program is designed to be flexible and adaptable to a variety of health situations. We’ll ensure the activities selected align with the client’s health and physical capabilities.

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