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Common Questions About Reflections Management and Care: Senior Care

Senior care is a subject that does not get nearly enough attention in health spaces and media. While old age is inevitable, it does not have to be a burden for the individual or family members. 

According to the 2017 census, approximately 47 million seniors were living in the US. Our civic and ethical duty is to ensure that the senior community is provided with the care and attention it deserves. 

Reflections Management and Care is all about helping the senior community in central New York state. It’s a one-stop solution for seniors and their caregivers to find services that can mean the difference between a comfortable retired life and one that is ridden with confusion and mishaps. 

While we all love our parents, grandparents, uncles, and aunties that are old, not many of us have the time, resources, or capabilities to take care of them round the clock. Besides long-term care, money matters, housing, and counseling needs must be met. 

If the sad state of elderly care attests to anything, we cannot take the care of our seniors for granted, and this is where we, at Reflections Management and Care, come in. 

This post will answer the most common questions you may have about Reflections Management and Care as the geriatric care manager. 

What We Do

We offer senior care management services to help and empower your loved ones and allow them to navigate this incredibly delicate stage of life with ease and trust. More importantly, we work with family members and caregivers to find better solutions for their specific needs, be it medical, financial, or logistical. 

We are not a retirement home, but we work with quality old homes in the area to help our clients find long-term living and care solutions when the time comes. However, most of our services are for people who are still at home. That way, they can continue to thrive in a healthy environment and feel independent. 

Here are some of the key elements of our care management:

  • Elaborate care plan 
  • Dedicated team of caregivers
  • Medication and care-management tools
  • Elaborate hospital-to-home program
  • Educational materials for the patient 
  • Effective communication between the patient and caregiver or healthcare professionals
  • Care coordination with community and home-based service providers

How Our Services Can Benefit the Elderly

All of the care management services are according to the client’s specific needs. Moreover, we prioritize things that are of the utmost importance for the client’s well-being. We also ensure better communication between clients or their families and healthcare providers so all parties are well-informed. 

This does not just help keep costs under control, but also optimizes clinical outcomes. Under our management, there are no duplications of tests or procedures. 

With collaboration with some of the best services for seniors in the area, we incorporate the best of technology to make senior care smooth and efficient. 

More importantly, responsibility and compassion are at the core of everything we do at Reflections. We understand that our clients want to feel safe, which is why we put our heart into everything we do. 


We can make the process of searching for different kinds of services for the needs of the elderly easier. We can offer referrals to medical, home care, financial, and legal services. Our network of community resources is very strong, which ensures you find the right people to work with.

We can work as a concierge for the seniors and their families to find nearby solutions without wasting time. The professionals and services we refer to are fully vetted and reliable, so you have mental peace. 

Our Services

In addition to senior care management, we help our clients in many ways:

Geriatric Assessment: Our geriatric assessment evaluates the client’s physical, mental, and psychosocial abilities. Such an assessment can help both the client and their family members understand their care needs and create a long-term senior care plan. 

Relocation Management: As an experienced geriatric senior care manager, we make moving seamless for the elders. We can help find relocation options per the client’s wishes and needs and help with the logistics of the move. 

Counseling: Mental health deteriorates with age, which is why our seniors are even more susceptible to conditions like anxiety or depression. We can provide mental counseling regarding issues impacting their life like problems with finances or moving to a retirement home. 

Financial Management: It’s important to protect our elders from any financial burden, which is why our financial management services can help them pay their bills timely and manage their finances well, so they can get the most value out of their savings and retirement funds.

24/7 Monitoring and Emergency Alerts: By integrating technology to help our clients, we provide an Electronic Caregiver service that can help monitor their health round the clock. The key element is an emergency pendant that the patient can promptly call emergency medical services. It also allows us to respond to such emergencies. 

Insurance Coverage

Some insurance providers may cover the costs of a geriatric care manager as well, in addition to medical expenses. We can help you find out if your insurance provider covers any of the services we provide. 

Furthermore, we can also assist in finding other ways to fund your care, so the expenses are minimal for you. For instance, Veterans Aid and Attendance eligible seniors may be able to offset some expenses with additional aid. 

Good Senior Care Starts Here

If you are a senior citizen worried about navigating old age and meeting your needs, do not worry, as we are here to make that transition effortless. This is yet another chapter of your life, and we can ensure that you get to enjoy it fully without worrying about little things. 

Whether you are an elderly person yourself or have a loved one in need of senior care, contact us to find out how we can be of service!

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